Coaching / Beratung für statistische Auswertungen
     Doktor-, Diplom-, Master-, Bachelor- und Hausarbeiten

The requirements for the statistical correctness of scientific work are constantly increasing, even in non-mathematics departments. Hardly any bachelor's/master's or doctoral thesis can do without an empirical analysis. This in turn almost always means the application of statistical methods.

Especially in disciplines such as psychology and medicine, which naturally do not necessarily require a great passion for maths, the requirements for statistical correctness are often extremely high compared to the scope of the relevant teaching during the course of studies.

For the beginner, usually it is not immediately clear what you have to pay attention to when carrying out such analyzes, so that the interpretation and content of the results are also useful and suitable for the data.

In any case, thorough structuring before data collection is ideal and saves the most time and nerves. This is often underestimated and usually makes the evaluation more complex and sometimes also limits the evaluation options.

Nevertheless, if you take a closer look, you can still get interesting information from a lot of data.

Long story short: The sooner one structures and defines exactly the methods corresponding to the question and the data, the smoothier the task will work out.

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