FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
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  1. Where do we meet or where do I have to go for the tutoring sessions?

    Everywhere you want! :-)
    We will meet via skype. So the only thing you need is a Computer with an internet connection. You can find some more detailed information about the procedure here: ONLINE-Tutoring

  2. How much will be the cost for me?

    Here we go:
    - Tutoring, preparing for exams
    - Coaching and consulting for statistical analysis and/or papers

  3. What topics do you cover with your expertise?

    ...here we go: Abstract of subjects I cover

  4. Is it possible to take tutoring in a group or only one by one?

    I do also offer online tutoring for groups. For further information, please contact me with the details regarding your group and topic.

  5. I am reading and trying to understand a scientific paper. Can you help me with this?

    Generally, yes. Although it depends on the paper and what kind of questions you have in particular. Going through a paper, step-by-step and in detail together can get quite time intensive. Please simply contact me. The best is, if you just send me the paper in question and let me know at which parts you are looking for assistance.

  6. How can I contact you?

    Just use this contact form, please. Talk to you in a bit ;-)