Some notes regarding the procedure of the online sessions with Skype:

Skype Installation



When I first heard about the idea of ​​teaching online (e.g. via Skype), I thought it would be quite cumbersome and not particularly effective. A personal connection is essential for teaching. After all, you want to "climb into each other's synapses" and very good communication is of course absolutely crucial. And that doesn't just work verbally, but also visually and with body language.

However, since it is very difficult to find providers of good tutoring at university and doctoral students/PhD level, especially in economics, I received more and more inquiries as to whether the lessons and/or advice could somehow be provided online or by telephone. At first I was rather skeptical about the matter. But we just tried it out and now it works with a few tools such as a fast formula editor (only necessary on my computer), good graph displays with shared screen and webcam, just as effectively as at a distance of 1m.

And what also surprised me is the fact that it is also very personal. After a short time you almost forget that you are sometimes several 100 km apart. The only requirement is a computer with an internet connection.

Most of the time, our lessons are about preparing for an exam or examination, in which we then go through old exams and/or exercise sheets or a script together. By means of a shared screen (by the way, this is automatically integrated from Skype 4.0) we both see exactly the same thing. We can talk and also see each other via webcam if we want to. I usually write the necessary formulas and calculations live on the screen with a formula editor. This is actually just as quick as by hand and is very clean. You can save them right away and look at everything again later.

So, if you can't find anyone in your immediate vicinity or want someone really good ;-), just send me an email or, even better, please fill out this contact form (without obligation). That way I can answer more specifically and we can discuss how to proceed.